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From large scale block clearing to technical take-downs in a confined space, we have the equipment and experience to safely complete any job.


Correct pruning techniques are important for the health and longevity of your tree. We work to Australian Standards and are very passionate about pruning in a manner that promotes long term retainability!


Stump Grinding is great for getting rid of that unsightly stump - gives you the option to replant that area too.

Elm leaf beatle Treatment 

Elm Leaf Beetle, what a pain in the butt! There isn't a permanent solution at this  point in time. We offer chemical treatment via stem injection. This normally lasts a few years. However this treatment is only recommended for mature trees that have significant value to the enviroment. Give me a buzz about your elm tree!

Milling timber 

Beams, decking, slabs. 

drone recovery

Drone stuck in a tree? Give us a buzz. 


Sometimes when trees have structural issues, they can be retained safely through cabling or bracing. Give us a call to find out more. 


Often when a tree is being removed there is an option to retain part of it and create habitat for local native fauna. Helps a few native animals out and increases the bird life in your area. Good result!


Assessing tree health - climbing inspections - advice on tree management - managing trees through enviromental development. Helping manage your tree in way that it can be safely retained. 


Hedges require plenty of upkeep to make sure you have a hedge not a line of scraggly tall trees. 

Rough saw woodwork

We enjoy reusing and re creating with what remains in a removal. This includes making slab swing seats, kids swing seats, kids table and chairs etc. Check out instagram for pics 

Animal rescue

If a pet gets stuck in a tree we are happy to help.

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